Celtic Fees Etc. 2020

Celtic Fees Etc. 2020

Celtic Team Fees et al. 2020/2021

Celtic: a club like no other! 


$800, 00 Celtic Fees----------{7 aside teams only} 

$1, 000. 00 Celtic Fees------{9 aside teams & up}.

75% of team fees---due Saturday May 9th 2020 at Celtic AGM.

Remaining 25% of team fees ------- due Tuesday  July 7th 2020.

Please note: These are team fees-----------------not player costs


Registered coach or manager shall attend AGM,

 have print-out from CSL- completed  & concussion forms signed.

Player's picture with name & DOB on the back-always!

$50 per player to register in Celtic.

Licensed  team coach's name, email, phone and registration fees for CSL et al

also player's registration and completed paper work.

Orgnal birth certificate or pass-port required to register all new players.

Coach or manager shall register team with CSL on line,

{typically $450 for fall season and $200 bond},

and dependent upon what level; Premier is costlier.

Said team fees accommodate school contracts,  training fields, insurance & lights, etc



FACT: Celtic is the least expensive club in the IE!

40 aluminum goals with nets available to train.

Uniforms: Jose @ Score Uniforms -562-394--8324, approximately $180 for 2 sets per player;

uniforms are custom cut "male & female kits" including custom numbers & of the highest quality.

Celtic AGM: {every year--Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend}

This year: "Saturday May 9th 2020" @ HIGH NOON.

Players and families invited to AGM, soccer, food & frivolity ...

Every team brings a dish; Celtic provides a  generous buffet like no other.

AGM: Officers shall stand for election per our non-profit status {R&R} & up-date the By-Laws!

Know your rights and obligations; read the By-Laws!




Magnolia Park,




Matthew McDonagh, President

Barbara Pachon,  Celtic Registrar

Sasha Wilson, Celtic CFO

John Velasco, Celtic ADM.

Eddie Maxcy, Celtic Cup Director.

Luis Mendoza, Pot O' Gold Director

Matthew McDonagh, Shamrock Bowl Director 

Paige Hunt,  Celtic Webmaster

Visit CONTACTS on home page for emails, phone numbers, etc.


Celtic AGM is mandatory per our non-profit 501 (c} {3} & 170 {c) (2) 

State of California & U.S. Federal  Gov. registration obligations. 


 Celtic monthly meetings conducted via Roberts Rules of Order.


"If you want to make an abysmal situstion worse, call the polce".